Our goal is simple.

To empower trades and small businesses with the financial smarts and control they need to thrive.

The Wandering CFO is dedicated to supporting local business owners to build stronger local communities.


The Wandering CFO is a collision between a passion for travel, love of meeting new people and the skills of a qualified accountant. Not your average accountant.

Inspired by endless encounters with small business entrepreneurs around the world, an idea was born – an idea aimed at providing small business owners with an honest, transparent and accessible Bookkeeping and Virtual CFO services.

Services built on strong personal relationships and a genuine desire to help. And services that ditches the shiny suits and over-complicated jargon.

Small businesses employ millions and are the driving force of the Australian economy. They are the backbone of many urban and rural communities here and around the world and are where real ideas, skills and passions are found.

The Wandering CFO values these communities and the people in them, and is passionate about supporting their success.


The Wandering CFO is based in the town of Yackandandah, north east Victoria and is your Bookkeeper and Accountant specialising in Bookkeeping and Virtual CFO services for trades and other small businesses in Yackandandah, Beechworth, Wodonga, Albury, Wangaratta, Benalla, Shepparton, Echuca, Swan Hill, Geelong, Ballarat and surrounding towns.

You will also find The Wandering CFO visiting clients in Melbourne’s northern suburbs including Coburg, Brunswick, Preston, Thornbury and surrounding areas.

The Wandering CFO is led by chief wanderer Luke McLennan CPA.

Luke is an experienced senior accountant who brings the know-how of large business performance, processes, reporting, planning and analysis and scales it down to suit small businesses.

Luke connects with the entrepreneurial nature of small business and understands large corporations to be a place to grow greedy and stale. A grandson of mallee farmers, Luke especially enjoys partnering with trades and appreciates their skills, work ethic and honesty.

Luke wanders with his wife Robyn, daughter Hush and son Bernie, and likes to relax with a cold beer with friends.


Kerrie Kerr is our Bookkeeping Warrior

Kerrie is a chartered accountant with over 16 years experience in taxation, financial reporting, general bookkeeping and administration for a wide range of small to medium businesses.

A Xero certified advisor, Kerrie is keen to use her knowledge and expertise to empower small business owners to take control of their financial performance.

Kerrie wanders with her husband Dom and three kids. She enjoys
spending time in the great outdoors and keeps a cup of tea in hand at all times.


Take control of your books, improve your profit and grow your business